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ExelBrite made it Convenient

Quotes are fast and done via telephone or Email | No upfront assessment required | No additional charge for properties with pets | We will work with your budget to tailor a solution


ExelBrite Cares

ExelBrite thorough cleaning and maintenance services have been formulated to add value to your environment by reducing bad bacteria and ultimately adding value to your healthy living whether at work or play. Our non-toxic cleaning and comprehensive attention to detail ensures our scheduled program consistently produces clean and great looking home and place of work.


What matters to you…Matters to us

The ExelBrite team is dedicated, professional, courteous and trustworthy. Our teams are trained to be aware and always cognizant of your environment, its code of conduct and security concerns. This further ensures continuity in your protocols, procedures and environment concerns or points of interest. Our Project Manager will always conduct a site induction prior to any service delivered. Whether a single service delivered or an ongoing service level agreement, all services are ensured with a Quality Inspection prior to handover… we always strive to fully deliver the scope of work.

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