Who we are

Managed Services and Customer Services

We are a team of young and exuberant professional commercial services providers, providing only the best tried & tested effective cleaning solutions for your convenience.


ExelBrite is founded and Managed by a team who understand customer expectations, who understand project delivery, who manage every customer request and expectations with the focus, attention and priority it deserves.

We are here to serve your cleaning requirements!

ExelBrite Team

ExelBrite headed up by a team of professional project managers, bringing a range of industry knowledge, professional skills, competence, management and administrative expertise that ensure all cleaning projects, whether once off or extensive engagements, all are indeed delivered with utmost diligence and commitment to your expectations and delivering your scope of work.


ExelBrite Dedication

The ExelBrite team is dedicated, professional, courteous and trustworthy. Our teams are trained to be aware and always cognizant of your environment, its code of conduct and security concerns. This further ensures continuity in your protocols, procedures and environment concerns or points of interest. Our Project Manager will always conduct a site induction prior to any service delivered. Whether a single service delivered or an ongoing service level agreement, all services are ensured with a Quality Inspection prior to handover. We always strive to fully deliver the scope of work.

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What we do

ExelBrite Cleaning Programs

Our turnkey cleaning programs are completely customized to suit you our customer.



ExelBrite made it Convenient

Quotes are fast & done via telephone or Email | No upfront assessment required | No additional charge for properties with pets | We will work with your budget to tailor a suitable solution


Providing only the best

We are a commercial services provider. Providing only the best tried & tested effective cleaning solutions for your convenience. Equipped with more than just our expertise, quality outputs and the great results that our esteemed customers have become accustomed to, but notably we are geared with our methods and reputable industry non-toxic green products range delivered using cleaning services always making use of the best cleaning products available.

Ensuring a Clean site, a Hygienic site and a Satisfied Customer.

Our lessons learnt and development program, and the oversight of our meticulous ExelBrite attention to detail, we constantly explore, examine and adopt best practice methods, whether it be through direct hands-on experience or industry advancements, we always embrace methods, technology and knowledge that aid us in always providing our valued customers the best possible services.

ExelBrite cares for your home, living and working environment by adopting a policy of responsible supply chain protocols, including resourcing competent and knowledgeable staff, utilizing green or environmentally-friendly cleaning products and employing the latest and most effective cleaning techniques to reduce our carbon footprint.

What matters to you…Matters to us

Exelbrite Delivery

We here at ExelBrite strive to always deliver a comprehensive solution, that goes far beyond surface cleaning. We are in the quest to reduce drastically the immense variety of bacteria and germs that exist beyond dust in your home and place of work, the result is healthier living and working environment.