Frequently asked questions

Q. What areas are serviced by ExelBrite?

A. ExelBrite teams service the State of Georgia and steadily expanding, and the major cities of South Africa, please contact us to see if we service your area. Other locations are serviced on request. Please call or submit a contact request to inquire.

Q. What does ExelBrite services cost?

A. Please request a quote from our team. The costs per services are determined based on your requirements to be serviced on the property and the frequency. We are always willing to discuss a favorable schedule and rate for your requirements.

Q. Does ExelBrite offer contracts?

A. Yes we do. All call-outs are as a standard booked and scheduled accordingly. However, do have specific 3 month and 12 month contracts.

Q. What should I know about ExelBrite contracts?

Q. How long will it take to complete the Clean-Up?

A. We do not quote per hour and do not work on a fixed time, rather we focus on quality delivery. However, we have noted that our minimum time measured was at least one and a half hour

Q. What do I need to supply?

A. The ExelBrite team is fully equipped and prepared for every call-out, you do not need to supply or provide anything to get the cleaning project done.

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