Deidre Pretorius

With Deidre, Your services requests are in capable and dependable hands.

Services Manager

Deidre possess the skills, qualifications and vital experience necessary to make a very significant contribution to ExelBrite, bright future our management team, and ultimately the delivery of services.


Deidre brings demonstrated experience in leading the teams and implementation of end-to-end service processes to support the delivery of cleaning projects and services delivery, she is not afraid to roll up her sleeves and get her hands dirty. Deidre is a certified and experienced Project Manager and Services Delivery Manager, possessing proven expertise that has enabled our team to identify opportunities to streamline processes to consistently meet and exceed our standards and value optimisation targets.


Deidre has built a solid reputation for being able to think creatively, generating innovative solutions to business challenges, as well as for guiding the services deployment process with the rigour and dedication necessary to ensure compliance with all customer project requirements, budgets and overall targets.


“I am confident that my combination of project and services management skills, analytical and problem solving abilities and dedication to continual process improvements will make me an excellent point of contact to effectively provide and manage all services requests.”

Please do not hesitate to contact me to assist you in your cleaning requirements.
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