Paula Atheen

You guys are doing a fantastic job. My family and I just moved to Atlanta, we were house hunting, we eventually found a great place, but it was in a mess… it really needed a thorough cleaning. We were scheduled to move in on our arrival, literally hours away. I called exelbrite and engaged their Move-In house cleaning services; I was pleasantly surprised a company can do such a tasked job within hours of contacting them. You rocked. Thank you Deidre and team.

John McCoist

Hiring equipment to clean my own carpets and rugs is not a good idea, and I know it’s a hard task to be done without being a professional. I called in ExelBrite to get our house rugs and carpets cleaned and it was done promptly without causing me any headache. The last time we involved another company to do the cleaning, it took hours and I was not happy with the results at all; carpets took forever to dry. Exelbrite does dry carpet cleaning of the rugs and carpets; and they left no excess moisture or wet floors, and no damp odor either, unlike other cleaning companies before. We enjoyed your services. You are doing a fantastic job.

Marta Healy

I am into real estate with years of experience with diverse properties in my portfolio. I have been using the services of Exelbrite for a while now without any problem of any kind. Whenever we have ayn occupants moving in or out of any property, I call on Exelbrite to do their cleaning magic, there has never been any time that a new occupant turns down any apartment I show them. Bravo!

George Martin

You have a great and convenient restaurant cleaning services; I got in touch with your offices and within no time my booking was scheduled. Your team was on time and the clean-up was fast and thorough and with greatest rates I’ve ever had to pay. I first thought it was one of those overrated cleaning service companies, but I just decided to give ExelBrite a try. To my amazement, the cleaning was professionally done… I will continue using the Exelbrite.